Oral History

Ozma is working on an easy way for you to record your oral history and have it saved for future generations. As the only humans with first hand experience of this pivotal era of LGBTQ history, the memories of our generation are unique and irreplaceable.
Without our memories, how will historians of the future understand our struggles? More importantly, how will the people of the future avoid past mistakes without a clear and complete picture of what it was really like to live through this tumultuous age?
But posterity isn’t the only reason to record your oral history, just reliving your memories is good for you, as Krystine Batcho, Ph.D., a professor at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York says  “Nostalgia is helpful,” explaining: “You can stumble upon the times you overcame obstacles and realize that you are capable of overcoming new problems, too.” *
The fact is that by the simple act of recording and submitting your memories, you not only benefit yourself, but also provide a gift for future generations by claiming your place in history.
Soon, this page will feature specific how to information on recording your oral history.