Activity Clubs

Starting an activity club is a great way to stay active, engaged and healthy and in the Ozma community it's easy! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Pick an activity you love and want to share.

Love to knit? Dance? Write poetry? There is bound to be someone out there who shares your interests and Ozma is here to help you find them.

2. Decide whether your group will meet online, in person or both.

If your activity can be done online, for instance with a Ozma Group, then you have a higher chance of finding participants. If your club will meet offline, it’s a good idea to find an initial meeting place before proceeding. A local community center, cafe or restaurant could all work, as they often have amenities like bathrooms and parking.

3. Start an Ozma Group.

Go to the group Hub page (click here or see menu at top of page) Click the "+" in the top right corner, give your group a name and write a short and clear paragraph on what your club is about.

4. Set your first meeting.

Once you have a few members, invite them to attend the kick off meeting at a specific time and place ( Remember: you can always use a private Ozma chat room). Ask questions of your members and use the answers to guide your next meeting activities.

5. Organize a project or challenge.

Can your dance club have a dance off for charity? Can your poetry group have a contest with a prize for the winner? Could your knitting club have a drive to create hats for infants that get donated to a local charity? Giving the group a short term common goal, is something that often helps unite strangers into friends.

6. Teach a skill, or find someone who can.

Turn a club meeting into a workshop to teach that special stitch, technique or move. Sharing skills helps everyone stay engaged and wards off mental decline.

7. Take a field trip. 

Find a related event or location where members might learn something new or expand their horizons and organize a short field trip. A dance club might attend a ballet performance, a knitting group might visit a museum or yarn purveyor, a poetry club might attend a local reading or lecture.

8. Remember the food.

If you are meeting in person, make sure there are snacks and drinks available, gain extra points by keeping members dietary requirements in mind. Pot luck works well as they encourage the sharing of stories and recipes.

9. Share your success.

Celebrate the groups success and activities by posting them on the group feed and share them on your own feed too!