Need help but can't afford to pay for it? Try the new / old way with Ozma Barter Boards.

Let’s say you need something done around the house that you just can’t manage, maybe it's a one time task like fixing something or a reoccurring need like walking a dog.

Here are a few examples:

Tim was a college professor before he retired, but now he needs some gardening done that is just too much for him to handle anymore. He posts on Ozma Barter boards that he is willing to tutor or proof read for eight hours a month in exchange for eight hours of manual labor a month in his garden. Kaitlin sees the ad, and loves gardening and really needs help with her homework, they connect and everyone gets what they want.

Helen needs a screen door repaired, but she can’t think of anything she’s good at to trade. Until a friend reminds her that she’s an amazing baker. Helen posts on the Ozma Barter boards that she’s willing to trade two of any kind of home made pie for a fixed screen door. Trevor sees the ad, fixes the door, gains a few pounds on Helen's scrumptious pies and everyone is happy.

Here's how to start a barter in a few easy steps:

1. Have a need.

2. Think of all the things you are able to do, can you bake cookies? Cat sit? Decide on a few things you are willing to trade for the service you need.

3. Sign into Ozma Barter Boards at the link below and click "Post An Ad"

4.Select a category, is this a one time thing or do you need ongoing help? Then click "GO".

5. Fill in the fields and click "Post".

6. When someone responds to your ad, you will receive an email.

From there, it's up to you.

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